Al Ain Poultry, Slaughtering and Processing Plant

IndustrieabwasserChicken Slaughtering & Processing Factory, Effluent Treatment Plant, Al Saad, Al Ain – U.A.E.

Al Ain poultry farm proudly confirms not only the No.01 supplier of fresh chicken supplier to U.A.E’s retail market – but also No.01 care taker for its flora and fauna by providing ultra pure treated water to its turf irrigation and land scaping by accommodating latest & modern technology of MBR process on its effluent treatment.
Our esteemed client generating effluent from chicken slaughtering, processing, packing, process zone cleaning, disinfection. Slaughtering process releases massive amount of effluent over the period of 10 hours, Existing treatment plant of 240 m³/day rehabilitated & upgrated to suit 400 m³/day -design capacity by MENA-Water.

Plant Capacity 400 m³/d

MENA-Water signed the contract in Feb 2013 for complete design, rehabilitation, upgradation, supply within 8 months, installation and commissioning, startup, testing, commissioning, training for the complete plant 400 m³/day.

Al Ain


Treatment process:

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preliminary screening, lifting station, drum screening, balancing facility, micro screening, pipe flocculation, dissolved air flotation, biological treatment, MBR process, treated water storage & irrigation transfer, sludge thickening, sludge dewatering, electrical control panels with PLC – HMI facility, field instrumentation, training of operation, operative supervision for 3 months from plant commissioning are the organs of the project contract.


Video of the Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant Al Ain [en]